I can finally breathe after this month long marathon of running this Kickstarter. I'm glad to say it's finally finished! WE DID IT!!!

257 backers, $8650, and 323 "bite me cutie" card decks!

Phenomenal, amazing, mind-blown, stunned, and slightly speechless; thank you for all the support from my friends that helped make this happen through a share or by backing the project. I'm blessed to have you all in my life supporting this dream of mine.

You are awesome, I love you, and thank you all. I will be getting back to every backer as soon as possible and keep you updated as we start producing the decks.

We've had a lot of people still interested in grabbing a deck. We're happy to announce that we are doing PRE-ORDERS on the "bite Me Cutie" website, CLICK HERE.

Now that the Kickstarter's over, I want to keep everyone in the loop on the project's status. I just sent out a reward survey asking for specific details in your order. Please fill them out and double check your address so we can ship your items to you. My goal is to get you your rewards by the end of October.  

This community project was something new that I wanted to try, so I'm thankful for this experience. Follow me and my future works on social media:

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