What is bite me cutie?

"bite me cutie" is a brand and company which delivers a fun card game containing chibi and kawaii creature-infused food. This game was inspired by my love of animals and food. I created "bite me cutie" as a way to bring awareness to endangered animal species. Each character aka CUTIE has a story that comes from the heart... My heart.


In the not so distant future, a world where many animals have faced extinction, over poaching, and harsh environment, exists "bite me cutie". Cuties are creatures made from the SPIRAL DNA of animals long gone by imprinting the DNA traits of that animal into what ever object the spiral DNA is placed on. The first CUTIE was created when our mascot "CUTIE" aka a slice of cheese pizza was infused with a happy trait. After that humans went over and beyond experimenting with infinite combinations to make all kinds of cuties in order to cope with the loss of real animals in their current age. Though a few animals have survived throughout the ages, things have only gotten harder for these animals fighting near extinction. That's why we have to fight to preserve these animal and cuties to alter history. Learn what you need in order to collect cuties and help them grow and live. 

That's right, this game is about animal preservation, BAM! Didn't see that coming.... right?

Starting from a sketch pad > to Illustrator > to After Effects > back to Illustrator for the final deck. So many steps, right? Overall each card takes about 10 hours to make individually, from early stage sketches to final story & card design. Now just multiply that by 70+ cards and you have "bite me cutie"! Hours of my life devoted to something that I hope won't disappoint you.


Hello my name is Thien Vuong and I'm an artist. I've been making online video content on the "RealTDragon" Youtube Channel for the past 6 years, and through this project I wanted to showcase that anything is possible if you can dedicate your heart and mind to it. Designing and creating illustrated characters was never in my skill set but through creating this passion project, "bite me cutie", I was able to build my skills as an artist. Through persistent grit, I made my dream of becoming a well versed graphic artist a tangible goal. Inspired to create cute animal and food designs inspired by the kawaii/chibi art style and culture of Japan! Before this project, roughly starting December 2016, I could barely sketch out my ideas. However, after spending thousands of hours to make "bite me cutie", I can confidently say that I have achieved something I would never been capable of otherwise. "bite me cutie" is a reminder to myself and to other creators to never limit yourself, don't make imaginary boundaries... Just do what makes you happy. <3