Every game package comes with 3 decks: "CUTIE DECK", "FLAVOR DECK", & "EFFECT DECK". The goal of the game is to collect the most cuties by the end of the game, the player with the highest tallied cutie class points wins!



* At the beginning of your turn draw one card out of the FLAVOR DECK & EFFECT DECK.

* When your turn ends say "Pass" to let the other players know that your turn is over.

* Players can have a maximum of 10 cards in hand, every card after that must be discarded until you have only 10 cards in hand.

* When it's your turn you can use as many EFFECT CARDS & COLLECT as many cuties as you can afford. STRATEGIZE!

* When you COLLECT a CUTIE it is replaced by another CUTIE CARD from the CUTIE DECK. Rinse & repeat until all CUTIES are COLLECTED.

* When a cutie's bite point is reduced to zero its' class points will not count until healed by a buff card.

* Each deck has a discard pile next to them, once you run out of cards from the respected decks shuffle the discard pile to have new deck to draw from.

* The player with the highest class points wins! If any players have the same amount of class points the player with the most cuties & and matching flavors win!

These are only the official house rules guaranteeing a fun play through with friends. The game has infinite potential for different plays styles and with more cards and future expansion of cuties feel free to discover your own way to play "bite me cutie" to your liking.